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Orillia – Lake Country

Reach your potential customer with a positive, wanted, non-irritating media platform that targets and hits the local, influential market of the sports community in the Orillia area (including Coldwater, Rama & Washago)

Our reader doesn’t reach for the mouse to click the “x”, doesn’t grab the remote, hit the pre-set button. We purposely don’t even put in a table of contents which forces the reader to go through the magazine from front to back.

In Orillia – Lake Country, we work with virtually all minor/amateur sports organizations – from kids sports through to adult and even senior groups.

Highlights include:

  • 3,000 copies produced and distributed monthly, every month
  • distribution is tracked and locations are adjusted seasonally to maximize pick up (ie; arenas reduced in summer)
  • typically, we have a 77% pick up rate – minor fluctuations on either side do occur


Our audience is comprised primarily of the 35-44 year group, followed closely by the 45-54 then 25-34 year old range. We have approximately 10-12% in the 55 + group. Plus, 55-60% is female.

(*based on statistical information from Facebook users that have “liked” and/or “followed” the Overtime pages in South Muskoka & North Bay. Orillia’s sample size too small at this point to include. we have not solicited “likes”/”follows” on Facebook with contests, “boosts”, advertising or any other paid method. this information is of December 2017)

Other Key Audience Highlights:

  • sports attracts the ‘OMPG’ (owner, manager, professional, government) segment of the population
  • traditionally, those involved with sports have a tendency to have a higher than average household  income – they pay for registration, equipment, travel, etc
  • minor/amateur sports attracts a little younger audience (above) who are starting, or in the midst, of reaching their income potential and are acquiring various elements of ‘wealth’ ranging from homes, to cars, home improvement/furnishings and more
  • this group also has a tendency to have or acquire health benefits (ie; dental, chiro, physio, etc) or, if they don’t presently have, they can usually afford

As a monthly, we work with you to maximize your advertising dollar. We offer customized programs, even based on your seasonality if applicable. You’re not forced to sign a one year or 3 year agreement.

Our audience has hit their prime buying phase, still in it or about to enter it.

If this is an audience you want to ‘talk’ to, then talk to us. Call or submit the form below.

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