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“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

Who said that? I was trying to remember. I couldn’t recall. It didn’t matter, it was the quote itself that meant something to me. A truth, in sport and in life. From learning new cultures and making new friends to being knocked down and getting up again. Accomplishments and losses, recorded with equal weight until the next match, game or title is up for grabs. Friends, sometimes foes, family, cheering and jeering all in “good sport”.

It’s with these moments that our communities come together to acknowledge ourselves and those around us. To acknowledge the kid who took that shot, stepped up to the plate or laced up her glove for the first time. Sport can help to prepare us for life in ways that sometimes are only realized after a couple laps around the proverbial rink or track.

That’s why when my hockey buddy, left winger and friend came to me and said “what do you think about starting a local sports magazine”, I responded “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…. who said that?”, with a nod my wingman said, “Wayne Gretzky”. OT

Local minor & amateur sports have a significant role to play in every community.

It can teach teamwork, leadership, respect, humility and more.

It’s also a fundamental belief that when children participate in sports, they have a tendency to become responsible adults.

The dilemma of the day is that ‘traditional’ media doesn’t really pay attention to it anymore.

If they do, it is only when something BIG occurs.

Hence the creation of Overtime Sports Magazine.

We intrinsically believe your local sports scene is vital to your community’s well-being and that local athletes and teams, whether they’re 8 or 80, should be, and deserve recognition in the general public.

With that, we invite you to work with us. We are looking for individuals who are entrepreneurial and outgoing with very strong integrity principles. This is an opportunity to create your own business.

As a licensee, your primary responsibilities would be advertising sales and distribution. We do the rest.

Overtime will start and co-ordinate your market, organizations, distribution outlets and provide market specific material for you.

That’s just the start. All of your processing is also completed by Overtime. This includes editing, production, printing, shipping, invoicing (if required), etc.

Licensee start up costs are very marginal, especially when compared to other franchise models and the profit-sharing split is generous.

As a licensee, compared to a franchisee, this is your business. We believe in, and promote, a basic win-win formula. Advertising experience is not required, just an outgoing personality as Overtime works with you to help maximize your market’s potential.

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